Comparison of metal injection molding and other molding process characteristics

Metal injection molding is suitable for stainless steel, iron-based alloys, magnetic materials, tungsten alloys, cemented carbide, fine ceramics and other series. The prepared parts are widely used in the aerospace industry, automobile industry, military industry, medical treatment, machinery industry, daily necessities and other fields. Then the c

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Problems caused by improper arrangement of cnc custom machining

With the continuous improvement of our science and technology, our various processing technologies are still used in the industry, but if they are not done well, it will cause a series of problems. The same is true for cnc processing. , Then what are the problems caused by the improper arrangement of cnc custom machining?    1. The cnc

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What are the requirements for producing cnc hardware parts?

        The so-called hardware die casting is actually a precision casting method that uses high pressure to force the molten metal into a messy metal mold. With the continuous advancement and development of society, now this kind of craft can be said to be well used in many areas. So if we want to use this technology better

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