Seven systems for aluminum injection molds

What is injection molding, that is, the method of manufacturing plastic materials using plastic injection molding machines and molds into plastic products is called injection molding. The plastic raw material is dried and fed into the barrel, and is heated to be molten. Under the push of the screw or the piston, the nozzle and the feeding system ar

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Advice on maintenance of precision injection molding

Compared with other molds, the precision injection molding is more complicated and precise, and the requirements for operation and maintenance of the product are higher. Therefore, in the whole production process, the correct use and careful maintenance and maintenance will maintain the normal production and improve the enterprise. Benefits are of

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What are the components of a pouring system in an injection molding mold?

The gating system is one of the most important issues in the design of injection molding molds. The gating system is a complete conveying channel that guides the plastic melt from the injection molding machine nozzle to the mold cavity. It has the functions of mass transfer, pressure holding and heat transfer. It has a decisive influence on the qua

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What is the difference between precision injection molding and prototype model

The prototype is generally processed in plastic or metal on a carving machine or 3D printed or re-molded in the form of several samples or small batch production. Precision injection molding refers to the processing of the mold first, and then using the mold to injection mold the mass production of products. Generally, the customer first confirms w

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