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Processing speed is an important index of plastic injection mould

The processing speed is very important in plastic injection mould. It is not only related to the processing cycle of the workpiece, but also determines the economic cost of the processing. At the same surface roughness of the die steel, the maximum processing speed produced by the relative electric pulse at the electrode loss is an important ind

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Checking the accuracy of plastic injection mould before storage

Before the plastic injection mould storage, the mold must be checked to ensure the quality of the mold. First of all we must through the visual inspection and measurement of mold parts working size, check the surface quality of the products and other relevant indicators of whether meet the design requirements, and should also inspect plastic par

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Common problems in design of plastic injection mould

Mold design is an important part of the production of injection mold, determines the quality of the mold. In the modern plastic injection mould industry, the size, shape and other requirements of the product will be higher and higher. Therefore, reasonable plastic injection molding is necessary to improve the quality and speed of injection moldi

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Failure reason of die casting molding

1. Thermal fatigue cracking damage led to die casting molding failure. During the die casting process, the mold is subjected to repeated cooling and heat shock, resulting in deformation of the molding surface and its interior. The occurrence of microcracks is initiated and continues to expand. 2. Fragmentation failure Under the influence of t

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