What are the common types of injection molding processes?

What are the common types of injection molding processes?

29 Mar 2022

Traditional thermoplastic injection molding processes can be modified to incorporate processes that help improve part quality and part design flexibility. Here are some examples:

Thermoset injection molding, thermoset molding requires heat or chemical methods to cross-linked polymer chains.

Two-color molding, two-color molding is an injection molding process in which the molding operation of one material will be performed on another material.

In gas-assisted injection molding, an inert gas is introduced into the polymer melt under high pressure at the end of the injection phase of the molding.

Co-injection molding and double injection molding, using the same or different injection positions to inject two different materials.

Microcellular foam injection molding, which uses physical blowing agents, chemical blowing agents (CBA), or a negative mold foaming process to trigger polymer foaming inside the mold.

Powder Injection Molding (PIM), a molding method that uses powder (usually ceramic (CIM) or metal (MIM)) and a binder to produce small parts.