Some knowledge about injection molds

Some knowledge about injection molds

12 Aug 2022

The application of mold in our life is very extensive, I believe that everyone is no stranger to these two words. But have you heard of injection molds? What is an injection mold? How does the injection mold work? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the injection mold.

Injection molds are composed of many steel plates and various parts, generally including forming devices, positioning devices, cooling systems, constant temperature systems, runner systems, and so on. According to the different casting shapes of injection molds, we generally divide injection molds into the following three categories:

1. Large nozzle injection mold: the runner and gate are on the parting line, and the mold is demolded at the same time when the product is opened. The simplest design, easy processing, and lower cost, is the choice of most people.

2. Sprue injection mold: The runner and gate are directly on the product, and the design is more difficult, but it can better meet the needs of some products.

3. Hot runner injection mold: The runner is in the constant temperature hot runner plate, and the runner and gate are directly in the product room, so there is no need to demold. It is more economical to use raw materials, but the cost of the mold will be higher. The injection mold can be recycled throughout the use process. When injection molding, the mold is mounted on the injection molding machine, and then the plastic is injected into the mold for cooling and shaping. Separate the upper and lower molds and take out the preform. Therefore, the use of injection molds can greatly improve work efficiency and save costs.