Safety Operating Regulations for Drilling Machines | machine shop parts

Safety Operating Regulations for Drilling Machines | machine shop parts

09 Oct 2021

1、Before working, you must wear work clothes, tie your cuffs, no scarves, and gloves are strictly prohibited. Female students should put their braids in their hats.

2、Check the protection, insurance, and signal devices on the equipment. The mechanical transmission part and the electrical part must have reliable protection devices. Whether the work tools and fixtures are in good condition, otherwise they are not allowed to be started.

3、The platform of the drilling machine must be tight, and the workpiece must be clamped. When drilling small parts, special tools should be used to clamp to prevent the workpiece from rotating. It is not allowed to hold or press the hole by hand.

4、Automatic feed, the feed speed should be selected, and the stroke limit block should be adjusted. Manual feed is generally carried out according to the principle of gradual pressure increase and pressure reduction to avoid accidents caused by excessive force.

5、When adjusting the speed, stroke, clamping tool and workpiece of the drilling machine, and when wiping the machine tool, stop and proceed.

6、After the machine is started, it is not allowed to touch the moving workpiece, tool and transmission part. It is forbidden to pass or take tools and other items across the rotating part of the machine tool.

7、When the long iron filings are wound on the drill bit, stop to remove it. It is forbidden to blow with the mouth, pull it by hand, and use a brush or iron hook to remove it.

8、Use a radial drill, and no obstacles within the swivel range of the cross arm. Floating objects are not allowed on the cross arm and the workbench.

9、At the end of the work, lower the cross arm to the lowest position. The spindle box is close to the column and must be clamped tightly.

10、When two or more people work on the same machine tool, one person must be responsible for safety and unified command to prevent accidents.

11、If an abnormal situation is found, stop immediately and ask the relevant personnel to check.

12、When the machine tool is running, it is not allowed to leave the work post. If you want to leave for some reason, you must stop and cut off the power supply.

13、After finishing work, close the main gate of the machine tool, clean the machine tool, and clean the work place.
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