Processing method of automobile injection mold

Processing method of automobile injection mold

17 Mar 2020

Injection mold classification: two-plate mold, three-plate mold, hot runner.
Features and occasions
Two-plate mold: the most commonly used, three-plate mold: needle point or eccentricity of the rubber pad on the surface of the finished product, hot runner: no runner, can reduce waste and increase injection pressure.

The mold processing methods mainly include forging, milling processing, drilling, grinding processing, electric discharge machining, wire cutting and so on.

Electrical discharge machining is a special processing method that uses electro-corrosion generated during pulse discharge between electrodes immersed in working fluid to remove conductive materials. It is also called electrical discharge machining or electrical erosion machining, which is abbreviated as EDM in English. As shown below:

Cutting processing:
The basic principle of wire cutting processing is to use a moving small metal wire (copper wire or molybdenum wire) as an electrode to perform pulse spark discharge on the workpiece and feed the control system through a computer. With a certain concentration of water-based emulsion for cooling chip removal, the workpiece can be processed graphically.

1. CNC milling machines are generally used for rough mold processing and surfaces that are not very demanding, such as the back of the product-the male mold surface.

2. EDM is generally used to process curved surfaces and reinforcement ribs that are difficult to machine on CNC milling machines.

3. Wire cutting is generally used to process oblique pins that form hooks, irregularly shaped through holes, and narrow slits.