Introduction to the precautions for the use of injection molds

Introduction to the precautions for the use of injection molds

22 Aug 2022

1. To master the relevant knowledge of injection molds, it is recommended to first get the design drawings of the injection molds, and conduct a comprehensive analysis, and then let the injection mold engineers also join the testing work.

2. Check the mechanical fit on the workbench, pay attention to whether there are scratches, missing parts or loose parts, whether the mold has a real sliding action, and whether there is any leakage of water pipes and air pipe joints. If there are restrictions on the opening of the injection mold, it also needs to be marked. If these actions can be done before hanging the injection mold, it can prevent problems when hanging the injection mold, thereby preventing the waste of time when removing the injection mold.

3. After confirming that the movement of each part of the injection mold is completed, it is necessary to select the injection molding machine that meets the requirements.

4. When suspending the mold, it should be noted that before locking all the splints and opening the mold, do not remove the rigging, and also avoid falling due to loosening or breaking of the clamp. After the mold is installed, it is necessary to carefully check the mechanical functions of each part of the mold, such as whether the slide plate and thimble can work normally, and whether the nozzle is aligned with the feeding port.