Introduction to industry knowledge of injection molds

Introduction to industry knowledge of injection molds

15 Aug 2022

Injection molding is a very common and widely used method in plastic processing. Using this method to make plastic products can realize the production of large quantities of products, in which injection molds play a very important role. Whether it is the production accuracy of plastic products, or the efficiency and cycle of the injection molding process, it is closely related to the injection mold. It can be said that the injection mold directly affects the quality of the product.

1. Injection molds can simultaneously manufacture plastic parts with very complex structures, fairly accurate dimensions and excellent intrinsic quality, so they are widely used in the manufacture of plastic products.

2. Whether the geometric shape and structural size are reasonable or not will have a direct impact on the rheological properties and filling effect of the polymer melt in the mold circulation pipeline, which will ultimately affect the quality of the plastic part.

3. There are many variables in the early design and development process. From the very beginning of the design stage, the mold company must arrange experienced staff, most of whom should be mold designers with very rich knowledge and experience. The characteristics of spraying, warping, welding and pouring have a very important relationship with the design of the gating system.