How long does it take to process a plastic mold?

How long does it take to process a plastic mold?

17 Mar 2020

In the early stage of plastic mold development, customers are most concerned about how long it takes to make the mold. Whether it is electronic products, medical products or environmental protection equipment, it will be updated every day. Therefore, time is the life of an enterprise.

How long does plastic mold processing take? This problem cannot be generalized. It must be considered from various aspects, such as the difficulty of product structure processing, customer product requirements, product material characteristics, and the minimum order quantity of the mold product, which is the number of mold openings. Dongguan Shangheyuan Mould Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise integrating plastic mold manufacturing and injection processing.

The plastic mold processing and production cycle is subject to rigorous scientific calculations, which mainly depends on the complexity of the design structure, size, accuracy, quantity requirements, product performance, etc.

1. Product structure: refers to the structural difficulty of the samples of plastic parts provided by customers. The more complicated the shape of the plastic part, the more difficult it is to make a mold. Technically speaking, the more the plastic parts have more parting surfaces, the more assembly positions, buckle positions, hole positions, and rib positions, the more difficult the processing is, and the mold making time will be extended accordingly.

2. Product size: The larger the size, the longer the cycle of plastic mold processing. In contrast, the processing time of spare parts will be longer.

3. Product requirements: Different customers have different requirements for products. The appearance of the product is sub-surface, glossy or mirror, which will affect the production cycle of plastic molds.

4. Product material properties: Often our products have special requirements, and the requirements for mold steel and processing technology are also different.

5. The number of cavities: that is a set of molds with several holes. Several products are produced by a set of molds, depending on the customer's product market. Making two products is definitely different from one product, and the processing time will also be different.

Normally, because the market has not been fully opened for new products, the market demand for this product is not so great. At this time, the number of cavities for injection molds is not so much, and the market supply can be guaranteed.

The above are the major factors that determine how long our plastic mold manufacturing takes. After the plastic mold is manufactured, the operation of injection molding plastic materials is relatively less complicated, and the molding cycle of plastic parts is basically very easy to measure.