Do you know the various advantages of cnc turning lathe

Do you know the various advantages of cnc turning lathe

15 Sep 2021

The cnc turning lathe itself has high manufacturing accuracy and is automatically processed according to a predetermined program, so human operation errors are avoided, and the consistency of the same batch of parts is good. Mostly use semi-closed loop or even fully closed loop position compensation functions. This makes it have high positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy, the dimensional error generated during the processing can be compensated in time, and compared with ordinary machine tools, higher dimensional accuracy can be obtained.

High productivity: multiple parts of the part can be processed in one clamping, eliminating many intermediate processes (such as marking, etc.), generally only the first part inspection is required, which greatly shortens the production preparation time.

High degree of automation: Except for rough processing and clamping, almost all processing parts can be automatically completed by the machine tool, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator and improves the working conditions.

Strong adaptability: CNC machining generally does not require complex process equipment. When the processing object is changed, the program can be changed. Generally, the processing of parts can be realized without redesigning the tooling.

Facilitate the modernization of production management: CNC machine tools can process parts, which can accurately calculate the processing man-hours of the parts, and simplify the management of inspection and fixtures and semi-finished products, which is conducive to the modernization of production management.